Health Immunization Requirements Grades 1-6
Tolland Public Schools

Connecticut State Law requires each schoolchild to have several physical examinations during their school years.  Physicals are required in our school system prior to entrance and again in grades 6 and 10.  State Health Assessment Record forms are available at school or on our website.  The form is to be completed by both physician and parent.  If you cannot have the health requirements completed prior to entry (possibly due to insurance reasons), please contact the school nurse.

Physical – A physical exam is required within 1 year prior to entering Tolland Public Schools.  Please complete the parent portion on the Health Assessment Record form and then have the physician complete the physical and immunization information.  The physical must include: height, weight, blood pressure,  postural and dental assessments,  hemoglobin/hematocrit, vision/hearing screening, Chronic Disease Assessment, Immunizations, and date of the physical.

Immunizations – Connecticut State Law requires immunizations for all new entrants listed with Month/Day/Year information.  Please note the *Minimum Requirements prior to school enrollment* listed on the blue State of Connecticut Health Assessment Record For the most current requirements for school entry refer to Immunization Requirements for Enrolled Students in Connecticut Schools.

 Emergency Procedure Card – Please complete the front and back sides of this card and update the school with any changes throughout the year.

 Contact the School Nurse  if your child has any special medical needs or if you have questions.